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 Upsizing to a new home
If the thought of a renovation or knockdown rebuild sounds too daunting, or you don’t think it would solve your space requirements, you might want to consider moving to a new home.
Given the high cost of building in Australia, sometimes you get more bang for your buck by moving instead, even taking into account the costs of buying and selling. But your decision should depend on your priorities and what you want from your new home. Be sure to compare the costs of each option – renovating, rebuilding and moving – as well as weighing up the non-financial factors such as proximity to friends and family, the level of disruption and stress (your kids having to change schools, for instance), facilities in each respective area and so on, before you make your decision.
Considerations when selling
Setting the price
Do your own research to find out what your property is worth. Look at recent sales in your area and compare them with your own property in terms of age, condition and any extra features (pool, deck, ensuite and so on). Take into account the location
Upgrading your home

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